About Binary On Canvas
This is an art project about words, binary codes, paintings and how to have fun playing with colors.
The process
Everything starts with a word. We take that word and transform it into its binary representation.
Let's take for example the word LOVE. There are four characters in that word, and each character will be represented in binary by 8 bits, where each bit will be either a 0 or 1. Here is the binary representation of the word:
Each zero and one will be represented on canvas by a square, the ones will be colored in one color, the zeroes in another. The result can look like this:
Why doing this
Well, one day we were talking about "computer language" with our daughter and it turns out that transforming words in binary codes was a great way to explain about ASCII and the binary representation of characters :)
And to make it even more fun, we took that abstract concept and put it on a canvas, playing with colors, brushes, squares and masking tape.
We did a couple of paintings and then we thought why not let others choose their own words and we do the paitings for them. And so binaryoncanvas.com was born.
Who is behind this project
Hi, we are your hosts, Raluca and Cristi, responsible for just about everything on this site.
Long time ago I used to work for a small but dynamic software company in Germany, where I had the chance to meet great people. Their logo looked like this:
I thought it's fair to mention this here :)